Opening A Gym Can Be A Significant Business Venture.

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What is required to have a profitable business in Puerto Vallarta?

The gym business has grown a lot in recent years, from that iconic city gym, the famous "Simmon's Gym" which, by the way, reopened its doors in 2018 and is still located on Brasil Street 1223 for over 30 years. Today, Puerto Vallarta has been revolutionized with these businesses that were incredibly profitable at first, but since 2020, profits started decreasing due to the large number of businesses throughout the city. But still, a gym offers health, well-being, a body to show off, and direct happiness, and science with its advances has published the benefits of participating in these activities that take place in a gym, ensuring that clients are there, it's just necessary to learn how to reach them. That's why today we tell you what to do to start a gym.

It's important to get customers, even before opening the doors of your business, thanks to this, success will be guaranteed, gather a team of people who are experts in the field, for example, instructors who have direct contact with the client and who have their own followers.

We also recommend doing market research, market research requires an analysis of the industry. Investigate what your audience wants, what they like. See what existing gyms offer. Make a competitive analysis of what you would offer and what you need.

The location is a crucial decision. When opening a gym, it's important to be clear that the place should be easily accessible, this allows people to choose to walk, take public transport, or drive when they decide to participate. A position in a crowded area is strategic, among other things, advertising will be done by itself. Although you should know that in Puerto Vallarta, the business of real estate is the most profitable because rents in crowded areas are very high, and land purchases are also usually very expensive. That's why we recommend solving this before thinking that your business will be enough to pay the rent, if not, you will work for the real estate sector and not for yourself. The best option is to buy land in a strategic point, which allows you not to pay rent and enjoy the benefits of planning construction, although it is a greater investment, it will be a great saving.

The premises should be spacious and well-ventilated, with changing rooms, bathrooms, sinks, showers, reception, changing rooms, rest rooms, a fitness room for group classes or personal training where there are machines, treadmills, weights, and where yoga and dance classes can be held. It is important to plan everything in detail, especially the cost of machinery, look for the best suppliers.

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