Stuck in Mexico Without an Income? Start An Online Business

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A huge problem for many expats is making money in Mexico. Some, for various reasons, don’t want to get involved in the local economy, but if you don’t, how can you create income?


In my experience, the best way to make money is online. And if you’re a Canadian, an attractive advantage is if you don’t make money from Canada, nor Mexico, you can become a non-resident and get out of paying income tax in Canada (more on that in another article).

As I was saying one of the best ways to generate income is online. It’s something I’ve done for many years as a freelance writer, and there are many other opportunities.

Getting Started

The first step is deciding what to sell, whether that’s an ebook, book, video series, course, private label rights, hiring a ghost writer, or affiliate marketing. Once you know what you want to sell, you're ready to create a sales funnel. There are two main options.


a) Benefits of what you do and you can disseminate that by blogging, videos, Facebook posts, etc.
b) A free offer such as a report
c) Book a call with you
d) Interview prospect
e) Formulate a proposal
f) Sell the proposal
g) Start training/coaching.


This is a shorter version of option 1

a) Benefits of what you do and you can disseminate that by blogging, videos, Facebook posts, etc. and direct them to a webinar
b) Do a webinar
c) Sell the proposal
d) Start training/coaching.

Once you have decided on a business and how you will deliver it, you need to set up a website. There are several steps.

The first step is to choose a domain name. A .COM name is ideal and, if possible, it should reflect your business. I recommend Namecheap for registration.

Next, choose a hosting service. You will need this for the website you need to build. I recommend Bluehost.

You will need to set up an Email address with your domain and learn how to prevent email spam (I have a guide for that).

Learn Email marketing best practices (again, I have a guide for that)

Install WordPress (there is usually a quick install option which comes with your hosting service). Normally, it takes only a few minutes to install.

Secure Your WordPress Site with various security plugins (I have an article that shows you exactly what to do).

Install a theme on your site. The ones from StudioPress are quite good.

Install the Elementor plugin. This is great for building custom web pages.

Register for a free account with Aweber (an autoresponder service). This is essential for setting up forms and collecting email addresses. You will also need it to send out automated marketing messages.

You will need to set up two squeeze pages, one for your free offer, the other for setting appointments. You will also need a thank you page so people can download your free offer

After that, you need to decide on what type of free content you want to offer and how you will spread the word. There are many ways, such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and guest posting. (My specialty is writing for magazines and guest posting. I have a system to find publications that will accept your posts. Some will even pay you for your contributions.)

You will need to create a product or market a service. As mentioned earlier, some of your options are writing a book, creating a video series, using PLR (private label rights) or creating a course. If courses are what you want, I can show you how to build a course on your own real estate using simple tools for next to nothing. And the best part? You have full control over the content and who sees it.

You need to discover how to create proposals for clients. A detailed guide is part of my process, along with a contract and terms that you can modify for your own needs.

These are the essential steps to build a successful online business. In upcoming articles I will explain many of these steps in more detail and include videos which you can watch.

Do You Want to Learn More?

Nathan Segal is an entrepreneur who shows people how to live the laptop lifestyle. Download his free checklist which will show you how to build a successful online business.