466 Million Pesos Will Be Invested In Works For Schools

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The amount will cover schools in Jalisco and Puerto Vallarta, as announced by the governor.

In an extraordinary session of the Trust to improve the educational infrastructure of Jalisco, the start of works for the first package of schools to be intervened as a result of the payroll tax was approved.

The first phase includes the rehabilitation of 84 schools with an amount of 466 million pesos.

The governor, Enrique Alfaro, highlighted that this is an ambitious and exemplary project at a national level, as well as the importance of the participation of businessmen in these actions to improve the education of Jalisco's children.

He said that in order to advance in the works it is important that the Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Works (SIOP) has the resources in time and form to carry out the works in the schools.

The works will be carried out during the vacation period so as not to affect the development of the classes of the basic education students of the schools to be intervened.

Some of the municipalities where the 84 schools are located are Puerto Vallarta, El Grullo, Cihuatlán, Villa Purificación, Huejuquilla el Alto, La Barca, San Juan de los Lagos, Zapotlán El Grande, Tlaquepaque and Tlajomulco.

"What we want is to immediately start the bids to be able to start the works in the recess period of one school cycle and the other, that is, we want to fix the schools during the vacations," said the governor.

This will be an important step forward to improve the educational infrastructure, hand in hand with private initiative.