After Violence At Queretaro's Stadium Fans Return Escorted To Jalisco

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This was informed by the governor of Jalisco

Following the violent incidents at the Corregidora stadium during the Queretaro vs. Atlas soccer match, the government of Jalisco supported the immediate evacuation of the Atlas fans, who returned escorted in the same rented trucks to the Queretaro capital. The buses with Atlas fans from Queretaro arrived in Guadalajara early Sunday morning guarded by Jalisco authorities. According to information from the governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro Ramírez, and the Secretariat of Public Security, from 1:30 a.m. to 4:40 a.m., six buses arrived at the Jalisco Stadium, accompanied by the Jalisco Security Secretariat, after the terrible events that took place yesterday afternoon, Sunday, almost at the end of the sporting match. A total of 278 Atlas fans returned after the ambush at the Corregidora stadium and were welcomed by family members and fans of the club.
On Saturday at the Jalisco stadium, the governor of Jalisco met with family members of the Atlas fans who made the trip to Queretaro to inform that up to that moment, official reports indicated that no one had been killed. This information was confirmed by the governor on Sunday morning through a video posted on his social networks. In addition, he stressed that since the violent events occurred in Queretaro, the information is not generated in Jalisco, so he is also waiting for what Governor Mauricio Kuri will report in the coming hours. The Governor of Jalisco reiterated that, according to the information provided by Kuri, there were no deaths and of the injured, two fans were reported to be in serious condition and were already receiving medical attention.

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