Businessman Manu Vaquita Ordered To Be Remanded In Custody

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The accused is the owner of the Distrito 5 bar where the former Governor of Jalisco was murdered.

The Prosecutor's Office of Jalisco was able to get the jurisdictional body to link to process the businessman José Manuel S. -better known as "Manu Vaquita"- for the crimes of aggravated homicide and concealment.

This, derived from the events that occurred inside the bar "Distrito 5", in Puerto Vallarta, on December 18, 2020, where the former governor of the entity, Jorge Aristoteles Sandoval Diaz, lost his life.

After the continuation of the initial hearing and after hearing the arguments of both the Prosecutor's Office and the defense of the accused, the Judge considered that the evidence provided by the Prosecutor's Office was apt and sufficient and therefore initiated proceedings against the accused.


José Manuel S. is accused of having authorized and ordered several actions inside the place where the former state governor was murdered, which facilitated the actions of the material authors of the facts and the alteration of the crime scene.

As a result of the investigations carried out by the state agency for these facts, several pieces of evidence were obtained against the accused and two arrest warrants were requested before the Jurisdictional Body against him, which were granted.

Said warrants were executed on April 9 in Mexico City in collaboration with the Attorney General's Office of Mexico City and with the support of the Security Secretariat of Jalisco, as well as the Secretariat of the Navy for the custody and transfer to Puerto Vallarta in the state of Jalisco.


Once the judge who took cognizance of the case ordered that the accused be remanded in custody for one year for the homicide and for one year for the cover-up.
The actions of the State Prosecutor's Office in relation to this case will continue on a permanent basis, as well as the actions aimed at the execution of the two arrest warrants that are still in force against the material perpetrators.

As the next procedural stages in the case of José Manuel S. progress, the Jalisco society will be informed through official communication channels