Covid-19 Vaccine Reception Preparations Underway

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In coordination with the three orders of government, this week Puerto Vallarta will receive 21 thousand doses for the first application to the municipality's senior citizens.


In close coordination, municipal, state and federal authorities are preparing to receive this week 21 thousand doses of the Pfizer vaccine for the first immunization of Puerto Vallarta's senior citizens against Covid-19.

During a virtual meeting of the Executive Commission of the Regional Public Safety Council of the North Coast, the preliminary plan for the application of the vaccine was announced. The head of the VIII Sanitary Region Vladimir Atilano Barraza announced that this will be an unprecedented week, since starting on Wednesday the first doses will be applied, which in the case of Puerto Vallarta will correspond to the Pfizer vaccine. He detailed part of the logistics that are being defined to reach the entire population of older adults that live in this municipality. 

To this end, he mentioned that 15 modules were defined in the first instance in which easy road access was considered, adequate parking for those who will be arriving in cars, and other features contributing to streamlining the process. The support and participation of the various municipal, state and federal agencies, is dedicated to ensure order, security, and dissemination of the location of these modules so that no senior is left unvaccinated.

Barraza indicated that these modules also include public sector hospitals, which will be vaccinating both those who are entitled and those who do not otherwise have this service, since the vaccination will be general for those over 60 years of age. He also added that the system of dispension in Puerto Vallarta will be the protocol of how the vaccination would be done in a massive way in big cities. On behalf of the Secretary of Welfare, Mr. Ernesto Sanchez pointed out that Puerto Vallarta is the municipality that has been granted the largest number of doses for the immunization of older adults. 

In order to define the operative plan for the application of these vaccines, Mayor Arturo Davalos Peña held a virtual meeting with state health authorities, in which Secretary of Health Fernando Petersen Aranguren also participated. Later, a work meeting was held between the different agencies involved to define and refine the strategies that will be implemented during the five days in which the 21,000 doses are to be applied, as well as the definitive sites for their application. The action plan will be announced this Tuesday in an extraordinary meeting of the Executive Committee of the Regional Public Safety Council IX North Coast, for the integration of the areas and dissemination to the general population.