Due to High Demand for the Pfizer Vaccine BioNTech Ramps Up Large-Scale Dose Production

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Mainz-based pharmaceutical company BioNTech has started vaccine production at its new plant in Marburg, Hesse (Germany)

Other foreign pharmaceuticals will collaborate to manufacture more doses. BioNTech has taken the first step toward vaccine production in Marburg, Hesse. The Mainz-based company acquired the plant from Swiss drugmaker Novartis in September and refurbished it. It is now starting to manufacture mRNA, the active pharmaceutical ingredient of the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine. 

As soon as the new plant is fully operational it will be one of the largest mRNA production facilities in Europe with an annual capacity of up to 750 million doses, according to BioNTech. The company plans to produce up to 250 million doses there in the first half of 2021. A single batch of mRNA active ingredient is sufficient for the production of 8 million doses of vaccine, executives at Pfzer reported.

Hessian authorities approved production in Marburg a few weeks ago. To enable production of the final vaccine, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) still has to approve the production processes of the new systems, BioNTech explained. The submission of data and other necessary information will take place in February and March.

However, the farmacéutical company Pfizer announced that it will study the possibillity of injecting a third dose to vaccinated people to try to reinforce protection against the most agressive variants of the coronavirus. 

The farmacéutical company’s executive director, Albert Bourla assured that this third dose could reinforce the antibody response berween 10 and 20 times.

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