Extreme Vigilance In Talpa

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Authorities maintain order in the area

As part of the work coordinated by the Urban Shield C5 in the Command Center installed in Talpa de Allende for the Pilgrim's Route 2022, we present the second cut with the most relevant incidents between April 12 and 15.

Through continuous communication with the Regional Emergency Call Centers (CALLE's) Valles Region and Western Sierra Region, preventive tours are conducted with personnel from the three levels of government and an operational deployment is maintained from the area known as Cruz de Romero to the first square of the downtown area of Talpa.

Likewise, thanks to the modules located at the entrance arches, the passage of the faithful is monitored to provide timely attention, of which the following record is available:

  • 363 attentions have been provided to pilgrims, which consist of taking blood pressure, glucose measurement, hydration and simple cures.

  • Six people were transferred to different regional hospitals to receive medical attention for conditions such as respiratory insufficiency, heart problems, fractures due to falls, and the case of a pregnant woman who suffered an accident due to the skidding of the motorcycle she was riding.

In terms of road incidents:

  • 13 people were injured as a result of a mishap between a private vehicle and a passenger transport truck, who were immediately treated by medical services personnel to rule out serious injuries.
  • A truck with an excess load of lumber overturned while driving on the Ameca-Mascota highway section, which caused a temporary obstruction of the road, which was released after the participation of officers from the Road Police Station.

Urban Shield C5 Jalisco makes the following recommendations to those attending the Pilgrim's Route 2022:

  • Walk in groups with special care for minors.
  • Locate the different attention modules that authorities have along the route.
  • Stay hydrated and avoid drinking alcoholic beverages.
  • In case of traveling by car, drive within the speed limits; avoid making stops on the road and follow the indications of the authorities.
  • In case of incidents, call the 9-1-1 emergency hotline, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Command Center for the attention of attendees to the Pilgrim's Route 2022 has an operational deployment of authorities from the three levels of government from identified points with greater affluence in the main roads of the municipality of Talpa de Allende, as well as through the different pilgrimage routes that run through the municipalities of San Sebastian del Oeste, Mascota, Ayutla, Cuautla, Guachinango, Atenguillo, Mixtlán, Ameca and Tala.