Governor Informs Of World Taekwondo Championship 2022 In Guadalajara

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1,200 athletes from 150 countries will take part in the event

The Governor of the State, Enrique Alfaro Ramirez, together with the National Director of CONADE, Ana Gabriela Guevara, and the director of CODE Jalisco, Fernando Ortega Ramos, announced this Monday Guadalajara as the host of the World Taekwondo Championships 2022, which will be attended by 1,200 competitors, 400 athletes, and 70 judges from 150 countries, projecting an estimated economic revenue of between 150 to 175 million pesos.

The XXV World Taekwondo Championships, Alfaro Ramirez explained, is part of what the Government of Jalisco is doing to consolidate itself as a major player in international sporting events, linking its benefits to local economic growth, as well as to position the "Guadalajara" brand as a venue for major events.

"With the support of Ana Gabriela Guevara, of the Mexican Taekwondo Federation, and the confidence of the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, we are very pleased to announce that Guadalajara will host the World Taekwondo Championship. We are talking about one of the three world competitions that exist along with the World Athletics Championship and the World Swimming Championship, which have the same level of importance, and the fact that our city, our state, has been considered as the venue, is a reason for us to be grateful," Alfaro Ramirez said.

He added that Jalisco and the city are prepared to make this event possible, complying with all the requirements demanded by a competition of this level.

This event is the most important of the year for the Taekwondo world, where Olympic, World, European, Asian, Pan American and world champions will meet in the same place next November: the Aquatic Center of Code Jalisco, inside the Metropolitan Sports Center, which will be carefully adapted to meet the technical and logistical requirements demanded by this event held in Mexico for the second time. It will have the capacity to receive an average of 6,000 spectators per day.

Ana Guevara, head of the National Commission of Physical Culture and Sports (CONADE), recognized the growth that Jalisco has had in sports competitiveness and management of international events of great importance. He also highlighted the work done by CONADE and the Government of Jalisco to manage and achieve the selection of Guadalajara as the venue for this event.

"Guadalajara is going to put itself on par with great cities in the world that have hosted this great event. For the Mexican government it is a great challenge and I know that hand in hand with the Government of Jalisco we will be able to give them good results, there is a great expectation from Mexico for the public, for the party and for what it represents to have our people competing in the area. I must recognize the resounding yes we got from the Governor to have the World Cup in Guadalajara", emphasized the federal official.

CODE General Director, Fernando Ortega, explained that work is already underway to ensure that the metropolitan complex has the necessary infrastructure, in accordance with international Taekwondo regulations, so that the competitions, divided into 8 categories for the women's division and 8 for the men's division, can be held with adequate infrastructure.

"This is one of the most emblematic venues for Jalisco's sports, because it was here where a large part of the Pan American Games activity was hosted (2011). And it is now where we will receive a world-class event: the most important taekwondo event in the world".

This venue, the Metropolitan Complex, will undergo a transformation to receive up to six thousand people daily in bleachers and five tatamis: four to hold the qualifying rounds, and an elevated platform where the finals will take place," he highlighted.

Francisco Raymundo Gonzalez Pinedo, President of the Mexican Taekwondo Federation, present at the event, said that in the first week of August there will be a pre-selection event to make up the Mexican team that will participate in the world championship.

Ana Gabriela Guevara took the opportunity to congratulate Jalisco for being, once again, absolute champion in the CONADE national games.

"A resounding medal count, there are only a few days left and few medals to be disputed in the remaining venues and sports, a little more than 50 medals, so it will be difficult for Jalisco to climb back from that first place. Congratulations, congratulations to Fernando too, for this work Governor, it has been a pleasure to see all the athletes from Jalisco compete with such dedication and with such an ironclad characteristic," said Guevara.