Holiday Period Puts at Risk an Increase in the Number of Infections

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Easter week could become the cause of a third outbreak of Covid-19. 

It is recommended not to leave home during Easter week as this could cause crowds and loss of social distancing, according to experts in the field. The researcher of the National Institute of Respiratory Diseases (INER) Patricia Segura Medina foresees a new wave of Covid-19 infections. The specialist commented that it is due to the low vaccination coverage against SARS-CoV-2, that many people will be at risk as they go on vacation or meet as they did in December, as well as changes in the epidemiological traffic light.

“I think that if it has to do with these steps through the traffic lights, for example when Easter week arrives I would not doubt that people want to go out and this is again a behavior of society that there is less restriction of distances, of conglomerates of people that could give a third wave, not only by the variants (of the coronavirus.) Of course the variants pose a risk, but the important thing would be to hasten the vaccination so that there is greater protection,” said Segura Medina. 

She also pointed out that the population may not only be vulnerable due to the variants of the virus that have been registered in the country, but also because the heat also increases the possibilities of contagion. The Director of Epidemiological Surveillance of communicable diseases of the SSA Gabriela del Carmen, pointed out that the symptoms of Covid-19 could increase, due to the increase of periods with more ozone during the hot season.