Jalisco Nursing Directorate Created Announces; Governor

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Tribute for the Day of the Nurse

With the presentation of 40 awards, homage was paid to all the nurses of the various institutions of the Health Sector in the state, who work in converted hospitals or with COVID-19 areas. The State Government, through the Ministry of Health of Jalisco (SSJ), announced the creation of the Jalisco Nursing Directorate, in recognition of the valuable contribution of the profession in the fight against SARS CoV-2 and a space to promote their professionalization. "The Governor has instructed me that in the next few days we will be working to make this area institutional so that nursing in Jalisco has a Directorate," said the head of the SSJ, Fernando Petersen Aranguren, during the tribute for the Day of the Nurse, held this Friday afternoon in the Main Courtyard of the Cabañas Museum. In the next few days, work will begin on the implementation of the new Nursing Directorate that will be at the service of the nursing profession.

Petersen Aranguren highlighted that the nurses of Jalisco demonstrated their vocation and professionalism in almost two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, being pillars that have saved thousands of lives, some even at the expense of their own. "We know that in each of the hospitals where the fight against the SARS-CoV-2 virus is still ongoing, there are heartbreaking stories where our colleagues, our fellow nurses, were the only company and the only emotional, physical and spiritual support for the patients who were hospitalized," said Petersen Aranguren. The head of the SSJ highlighted three examples of the vital contribution of the nurses of the Jalisco Health Sector in facing the COVID-19 pandemic: leading the care of patients in hospitals that have been totally converted or have COVID areas; the application of almost 10 million doses of vaccines against this infection and the performance of more than 2.4 million tests to detect the new coronavirus. Nurses from 40 institutions were recognized for their heroic work, performed in hospitals totally converted or with COVID-19 areas. WORK AND UNION For his part, Ramiro López Elizalde, head of the Regulatory Health Directorate of ISSSTE Jalisco, emphasized that in Jalisco the common denominator has been the work and union between institutions, which has made it possible to guarantee health care and avoid deaths due to COVID-19.

Speaking at the tribute, the president of the Interinstitutional Commission of Nurses of the State of Jalisco, Edith Mujica Chávez, listed the challenges that the beginning of the pandemic implied for health personnel. "The three priority (challenges) that we can highlight are the speed of the pandemic's advance and the immediate reaction of our health system; adapting to the reconversion to respond to a public health problem, and contributing to a great extent so that the social response would be less fearful of the unknown," she said. Mujica Chávez thanked Governor Enrique Alfaro for his support to the Jalisco nursing profession. PROTECTING HEALTH In turn, the head of Medical Services of IMSS Jalisco, Adriana Michel Reveles, highlighted the service of nursing to humanity: "through their actions they protect the health and wellbeing of people, communities and nations". It is worth mentioning that the awards were presented within the framework of Nursing Day, which was commemorated on January 6. The tribute was postponed for this occasion, due to the same pandemic. In 1931 the then director of the Juarez Hospital of Mexico, Jose Castro Villagrana, instituted January 6 as the Day of the Nurse (today also of the Nurse), which Jalisco continues to celebrate.

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