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Health sector reports ten cases of monkeypox in Jalisco

Last Friday, the Secretary of Health of Jalisco (SSJ) informed that a new case of simian smallpox, also known as "monkeypox", was confirmed, bringing the total number of confirmed cases of the disease to ten.

It also informed that three other suspected cases have already been ruled out, and that surveillance is being maintained on another 13 people to confirm or rule out the presence of monkeypox.

In order to keep the population of Jalisco informed about this disease, which was detected for the first time in the State last June 7, a Call Center line 33-38-23-32-20 has been implemented where the population can communicate to clear their doubts about symptoms or how this type of smallpox is spread, as well as how to know if they are a suspected case or not.

The Epidemiological and Sanitary Intelligence Unit (UIES) can also be reached at 33-30-30-50-00, extensions 35059 and 35072.

Due to the fact that this disease was identified for the first time in Puerto Vallarta and in view of the risk of contagion represented by the presence of the confirmed patient in a beach club of this municipality, the Jalisco Health Secretariat also decided to implement an on-site attention module for the people of Vallarta, where an immediate medical evaluation of persons presenting symptoms of this disease is carried out.

This is the Regional Public Health Laboratory located at the "Roberto Mendiola Orta" Health Center at 200 Rivera del Rio Street, Romantic Zone, El Remance, where samples are also taken if necessary. Attention is provided from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.

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