Outbreaks of Forest Fires Proliferate in Jalisco and Nayarit

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As the dry season progresses, the heat increases and with it the risk of forest fires.

“In fact, in the current satellite image many outbreaks are observed, including in the state of Jalisco,” informed the meteorologist of the University Center of the Coast, Víctor Manuel Cornejo López.

The specialist reported that in the closest cases to this region there are outbreaks of fires in the mountainous parts of the Ayutla area. There are also others in Zacoalco de Torres and Cocula, somewhat further away. In the case of the neighboring state of Nayarit, there are fires in the vicinity of Amatlán de Cañas, and the largest of all in Tepetiltic, "perhaps the largest in Mexico located between San Pedro Lagunillas and Santa María del Oro."

He pointed out that so far the Banderas Bay area remains free of relevant forest fires, "so it is better not to use fire at this time."

He indicated that sunny conditions prevail, only at times mixed with scattered clouds, especially in the morning and afternoon, without rain, with gusts of significant wind, and somewhat rough seas. Temperatures in the region have been on the rise, on Saturday for example the thermometer reached 31 degrees Celsius and this week it will at least reach 30, and in addition the humidity has also been increasing.

For this reason, he insisted on avoiding the use of fire in the field, since more heat and wind could cause problems.
This year Mexico has suffered an above average occurrence of wildfires. Just last month Comision Nacional Forestral (Conafor,) issued a warning that Mexico was in danger of experiencing a critical forest fire season this year.