Puerto Vallarta's Air Flow Continues to Increase

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The Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacífico confirmed that the Vallartense air terminal has recovered 34 of the 49 active routes it had in February, before the health contingency, of which 25 are to other countries.


 Based on the previous numbers, Puerto Vallarta has been one of the tourist destinations that are recovering the fastest arrival of international passengers at a national level. 

A clear example was this last week of the year, where the international airport of Puerto Vallarta had an intense journey with the arrival of 433 flights that arrived during the last week of December 25-31, 2020.

 Foreign tourists were still arriving, mainly Americans from cities such as Seattle, Washington, Phoenix, Houston, Chicago, Dallas and San Francisco where temperatures are very low, and Canadian foreigners who represent the second most important market for Puerto Vallarta.

 Definitely, Puerto Vallarta's International Airport is one of the ones that has experienced the fastest recovery and offers high expectations regarding its early return to last year's figures although this will take some months.

 According to the specialists in this subject, the Vallarta air terminal recovers flights in a fast way and even reports an increase in some frequencies on routes that were already operating and on another one that is operating for the first time.

 The experts say that the frequencies are determined by the demand and it is evident that international tourists intend to travel to Puerto Vallarta Regarding hotel occupancy in the destination, it has improved considerably in spite of the difficulties posed by the covid-19 pandemic, and although there are several hotels that are below 50 percent, the percentages are gradually increasing but it will be until next April, already in 2021, when the situation will begin to improve more noticeably.

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