Security and Order During the Vaccination

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Application of doses in adults over 60 years old, both residents of Vallarta and foreigners with 15 modules installed in different points of the city. 

During the second day of vaccination against the coronavirus in Puerto Vallarta, order and safety prevailed among the older adults who attended the 15 different modules for the application of the doses installed in different parts of the city. The Secretary of Health of Jalisco confirmed that there are enough doses of vaccines against covid-19 for all adults over 60 years of age, whether they are residents of Vallarta or foreigners. María Esther Cerón Meléndez, supervisor of the vaccination cells, was in charge of the process in coordination with the director of the hospital of the Institute of Security and Social Services for State Workers (ISSSTE) of Puerto Vallarta, Rafael Nuñez Gómez. The attention given to the adult population over 60 years of age was very orderly, clean, and safe, including strategies to channel excediente numbers of senior citizens to other vaccination sites, due to the saturation that was registered in the application of the biologic.


The director of the ISSSTE in Puerto Vallarta, Rafael Nuñez Gómez, commented that on the first day of Thursday 400 vaccines were applied, while yesterday there were another 400 doses and today there will be 300 more vaccines, for a total of 1100 biologicals assigned to the ISSSTE Puerto Vallarta. As of yesterday, 300 vaccines are scheduled for this Saturday, with which "we will conclude the amount assigned to us." It is worth mentioning that people started arriving a day earlier to secure their vaccinations against covid-19, and by the time Vallarta Today arrived at the ISSSTE clinic (6:10 am) there was already a long line of people, approximately 207 seniors, accompanied by their relatives who had been waiting in long lines since the day before, for which reason the clinic authorities had to take measures to speed up the process and not tire people out. Support was also given to those who were not able to get vaccinated yesterday, so that they could go to other places with fewer people. The medical staff, whom was very well protected, was prepared to attend to the elderly with a special treatment, for which people made good comments.


When asked why they decided to get the vaccine, they commented that they understand perfectly well that they are the most vulnerable sector of the population and should take care of themselves, as they value their lives and were grateful for the opportunity to extend their lives by getting the vaccine that will protect them against Covid-19. Those interviewed said they are calm and confident that everything will be fine, without fear of the application of the Pfizer vaccine, which consists of a double application in a maximum period of 42 days with an effectiveness of 95 percent. In addition, the seniors have noticed that everything is under control and clean, in addition to a friendly treatment, so the performance was accepted. They came with the peace of mind that everything would be fine and were very determined to do it, without fear or doubts, they trust in what the authorities have decided to preserve their health. Rafael Nuñez Gómez pointed out to Vallarta Today that "whoever arrives will be given the biologic while stocks last."