Uncertain Outlook For Tourism with Biden Government

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Experts in the tourism sector agree that the government of the next president of the United States, Joe Biden, will mean a drastic change in the way the Covid-19 pandemic is dealt with, which will mean a brake on mobility, the opening of air borders and tourist activities.


 Biden has promised to reverse the deaths and infections of Covid-19 in his country, and Mexico's tourist destinations could face additional restrictions, observe analysts; that is, starting January 21st, strict indications could come for Americans not to travel to this country, right in the middle of winter, comment analysts from the international press. 

The Republican has mentioned that there should not be priorities for tourism if his country continues to maintain the levels of covid, since it is already the ninth country with the most infections, for which it is foreseen that his policies in this respect will be more closed than the current ones promoted by Trump, which have been rather lax.

 It is during the winter that between five and eight thousand North Americans head towards the Bay of Banderas, where they have temporary residences, although some are already here, others could stop arriving as of the third week of January, if travel restrictions or recommendations become more severe. 

In fact, one of Joe Biden's strong arguments for the presidency is Trump's management of the pandemic, as the United States accounts for four percent of the world's population, but has 25 percent of the cases of contagion and deaths from Covid-19. 

In that regard, Trump's opponent has said that he will combat the pandemic by conducting a lot of screening tests, ensuring personal protective equipment for everyone and taking steps to reopen safely and effectively. "In that sense, Trump's rival has said that he will fight the pandemic by doing a lot of tracking tests, guaranteeing personal protection equipment for everyone and taking steps to reopen safely and effectively.

 Mexico has also made a strongly criticized management of the pandemic, "but if the United States had acted like Canada that is solving the problem, the transit of travelers between both countries would have serious restrictions.

 An example of the restrictions towards US tourists are some Caribbean islands that continue to be closed to tourism from the United States, with the exception of Mexico , allowing destinations such as Puerto Vallarta, Cancun and Riviera to be the ones that are recovering the most from the region.

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