Vaccination of Adults Over 60 Years Begins Today

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Occurring in the municipalities of San Sebastián del Oeste and Talpa de Allende. 


Vladimir Atilano Barraza, director of the VIII Sanitary Region of the Secretary of Health of Jalisco, in charge of receiving the more than 11,200 doses against covid-19 destined to the sanitary region, confirmed that starting today the AstraZeneca vaccine will be applied to the older adults from the biologicals shipment that arrived last Sunday to Jalisco. According to the National Vaccination Plan, these vaccines were destined to the municipalities with the highest levels of marginalization, not because of the number of cases or deaths registered due to SARS-CoV-2. With these parameters, the application of vaccines in the municipalities of Cabo Corrientes, Tomatlan, San Sebastian del Oeste, and Talpa de Allende were determined.

In the middle of the distribution of the vaccines in these municipalities, and on the way to Cabo Corrientes, Atilano Barraza said that this Tuesday the VIII Sanitary Region will provide more information about the vaccination brigades deployed in the municipalities included in this vaccination phase. The 11,242 doses have been guarded by elements of the National Guard and passed through the municipality of Puerto Vallarta last night on their way by land to the coastal municipalities of Cabo Corrientes and Tomatlan.

According to a video from the National Guard of the Eighth Naval Zone, around eight o'clock on Monday night the shipment passed through this city, where it was reported that the biologicals had already been delivered to the Health Centers in San Sebastian del Oeste and Talpa de Allende. It was also reported that 2,590 doses were delivered to the health center in San Sebastian, while 1,220 doses of the vaccine were also delivered to the health center in Talpa de Allende, which today began to be applied to people over 60 years of age in those municipalities.

For the application of the biological vaccine, the so-called servants of the nation previously made appointments by telephone or at home to senior citizens enrolled in social programs to whom, after explaining the procedure and that the immunization is free and voluntary, they were given a folio. In addition to this method, it will also be done with those people who registered online in the vaccination plan that started this Monday in other cities of the country. 

The municipal president of Cabo Corrientes, Prisciliano Ramirez Gordian, was already waiting for the convoy transporting the vaccines to arrive at Tuito, the municipal capital of Cabo Corrientes, estimating that they would arrive between 10 and 11 at night this Monday. He said that the nation's servants had summoned the first seniors at eight o'clock at the sports unit next to the health center in El Tuito, where a vaccination center would be set up to immunize the residents of Cabo Corrientes who are over 60 years of age.

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