Vaccine Availability At IMSS Tomatlan

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The vaccination centers worked on Sunday to be able to attend the high demand that was presented yesterday in different vaccination centers against the coronavirus in Puerto Vallarta.

This Sunday, February 28th, the vaccination of seniors of 60 years of age and over continued, who have responded very well to the application of the vaccines,  and are happy to have the opportunity to receive them. It was very noticeable in the morning at the Naval hospital facilities, where people commented that they were very grateful to be able to receive the dose. 

Unfortunately, this did not happen in all places, as in the IMSS Zone 42 hospital, which only administered the biologic to 200 people due to the exhaustion of the doses., People waiting in line were notified that there were no more doses, so they had to leave the place, as the staff notified the elderly and also posted a sign that there were no more doses. The ISSSTE clinic in Puerto Vallarta informed that they also administered all the vaccines assigned to them. 


It is worth mentioning that with the conclusion of the vaccination process in Puerto Vallarta, due to the termination of the doses assigned to the 15 modules set up in the city, this newspaper investigated where the Biologicals were still in stock. It was found that there is a place near the north coast of Jalisco where it is still possible to get vaccinated against the coronavirus.

It is the Family Medicine Unit Number 43 of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) in Tomatlan, located in front of the offices of the Municipal DIF System, where it is still possible to find a good amount of doses that will be applied to those who show up between today Monday and next Wednesday, or until the doses in stock are exhausted. The telephone number for this IMSS Family Medicine unit number 43 in Tomatlan is 322 298 56 47.

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