Who Will Be The Next President of Puerto Vallarta

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Pre-campaign period begins for future elections.


In the framework of the pre-campaign period there are movements in the parties, resignations from political positions and registrations of pre-candidates. 

With the beginning of the year, a period of political definition is outlined in all the registered parties in view of the elections of June 6th, since according to the federal electoral laws, the pre-campaign period is already being lived until January 31st. 

In the Movimiento Ciudadano Party, the situation is as follows. Until now, Guadalupe Guerrero Carvajal, local representative Luis Ernesto Munguía, and Diego Franco Jiménez have been registered as pre-candidates for municipal president. 

Meanwhile, the municipal president, Arturo Davalos Peña, registered with the Citizen's Movement as a candidate for local representative, and will have to leave his post in the next few days as defined by the Electoral Law. 

Although the local congressman, Luis Munguía seems to have a clear horizon for his aspirations as mayor, the State Electoral Institute of the State of Jalisco imposed gender quotas, which brought into play councilwoman Guadalupe Guerrero Carvajal, who has been in local politics for more than six years, as part of the governing team of the Citizens' Movement in this port. 

For his part, Diego Franco Jiménez, presented this weekend his resignation as director of Municipal Public Services, a position he had held since the beginning of the current administration at the invitation of municipal president Arturo Davalos Peña, who accepted the decision of the now ex-official. In substitution of Franco Jiménez, the Mayor of Vallartense appointed Jorge Armando Ibarria Uturria who had been working as sub director of Municipal Public Services. 

Morena Al Rojo 

In the National Regeneration movement (Morena) there are more than a dozen candidates among which are the councilwoman Laurel Carrillo, Rocky Santana, Humberto Famania, José Antonio Mora, Pepe Martinez, Edelmira Orizaga... 

PRI and PAN 

In the PRI, Heriberto Sánchez Ruiz and Alejandra Gómez. In the PAN, José Pablo Ruiz Bernal, who works in the notary's office number 8, although it is still expected that more candidates will raise their hands to run for mayor in this port.

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