5 Amazing Tropical Experiences You Must Try in 2017

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seaturtlefrontWatch whales and turtles in Puerto Vallarta

Humpbacks cruise the waters off Puerto Vallarta from December through February and sea turtle hatching season is July to December. Dolphins sightings are a bonus year-round.

Between watching the wildlife, spend your time onshore enjoying the amazing scenery and fun for which Vallarta is known. From tacos to international cuisine, from snorkeling to strolling the Malecon, this Pacific Coast city has all the right stuff for your 2017 tropical experiences. 

Let your heart flutter with the butterflies in Mexico City

Between November and March, you can visit the winter sanctuaries of Monarch butterflies that migrate here after living throughout North America the rest of the year. These colorful residents journey as far as 3,000 miles to hang out in the hills west of Mexico City. Hang with them on a tour arranged by Trip Advisor. Getting to Mexico City is easier than ever with flights on American, Delta, United, AeroMexico, and now Southwest.

Rebuild a reef on Bonaire

The Coral Restoration Foundation on Bonaire is working to rebuild and restore populations of staghorn and elkhorn coral in the waters off the coast of Bonaire. Bonaire is already known worldwide for its healthy, well-protected reefs, but changes in the ocean temperatures, human presence, and invasive species are ever-looming threats. The CRF works with local dive instructors training volunteers to prune and replace coral at select sites around the island. And when you aren't lending the reef a helping hand, spend time diving, snorkeling, kite surfing, or just enjoying some of the most beautiful beaches in the Southern Caribbean.

Listen to outer space in Puerto Rico

Actually, your day with Bespoke Lifestyle Management Tours begins with a hike through the 288-acre Camuy Cave Park exploring caverns and sinkholes that make up an extensive subterranean system, and ends with a visit to the Arecibo Ionospheric Observatory. You may have seen the observatory in the 1995 James Bond film, Golden Eye, or more famously, in the 1996 movie, Contact. The massive antenna was built in 1963, to develop interstellar communications. Covering more than 20 acres, it is the largest in the world. And if those two adventures aren’t enough for you, visit the only tropical rainforest in the U.S. Forest System, ride a seven-platform zip line through the canopy, or check out even more caves.

Sail the Caribbean on a catamaran

We can't all afford to charter an entire yacht like the guests on Bravo-TV's Below Deck, but if you've ever dreamed of cruising tropical waters on a yacht, look no farther than The Moorings. There's no need to charter a complete yacht when you can book just one stateroom and still experience the luxury and fun of sailing the islands on a private vessel. Trips include all meals and beverages prepared by the yacht's chef, and a stateroom with a private bath. Sail the waters of the British Virgin Islands and St. Lucia, April through December this year. You may never look at cruising the same.

Source: Travel Pulse

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