Call To Collect Plastics On Beaches

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For ocean conservation

The campaign began recently with the objective of removing mainly plastics and other objects that can go into the sea, especially those that are abandoned on the beaches, plastics, metals, and all kinds of garbage that can affect the life of the marine species.

Also objects that can be recycled such as metal cans, it is important to create awareness in people, or tourists not to leave garbage on the beaches, because in rainy season or cyclones, if they are not collected in time, they can sail into the ocean without being recovered. It is of utmost importance to be aware of the situation.

Recent studies show the impact caused to the animals that inhabit the ocean, the enormous amounts of garbage that are already in the sea, due to carelessness of mankind that is not aware of the damage caused to the marine species, which even forms part of our food.

This project has been carried out on beaches with a high level of plastic waste, so we are working together with the beach communities to set up collection centers to deposit plastics in particular, or recyclable items.

With reference to the plastics, the companies have created infinity of products with this tourist face that then go to give to the Sea, and have caused great quantities of these materials, which would be important to mention that the organizations work together to retake the situation and to be able to combat the problem, to follow the recycling since it is used again in the community, already in recycled form.

We invite you to be aware and not to forget garbage in these areas of the beach, or in the sea, when surfing, we will be doing activities to raise awareness among the population.

Surfers from Sayulitabñ have joined different activities to support this campaign, since while surfing they have come across plastics and garbage of all kinds, such as fishing nets and other objects that are now found in the sea.