Fishing for Trash in the Rivers of Puerto Vallarta

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Plastic is a major threat to the environment  Said John Benus, who is an expat visitor in Vallarta for many years.

John has been leading the War Against Garbage for the last 4 months in Vallarta.  John is approaching 81 years old and is an excellent example for the rest of us.

A group of his volunteers are taking on the task of collecting plastic garbage. Recently a group of young volunteers led by a North American John Benus, have been campaigning to pick up the garbage in the rivers such as the Pitillal, Cuale River (in front of the malecon and that flows into the sea), as well as in Rio Camarones, Las Palmas, Rio Tebelchia among other areas of the Port. The most worrying thing has been the large amount of garbage that has been found floating in the water and that goes to the sea, through the conduits or the rivers; this garbage accumulates over time and is made up of plastic bottles, diapers, fast food packaging and plastics; that with the intense rains will flow into the ocean, where hundreds of tourists enter to swim in the waters of the sea.

Another of the consequences that have been occurring in the case of garbage accumulated in the sea, unfortunately has been the affectation to the marine fauna such as turtles that have been found suffocated by the plastic bags that go to the open sea. This campaign is being carried out these days before the storms and heavy rains start, with the purpose of avoiding that the plastic garbage goes to the sea. Large amounts of garbage have been collected, therefore we are making a strong appeal to the community of Puerto Vallarta to deposit the garbage in the correct place, which are the containers located in the port to avoid the saturation of the rivers.

Many of you have seen the 3 recycling barrels at the foot of the entrance to the pier. John installed those receptacles himself as a gift to Puerto Vallarta. If you see John, pat him on the back and help him pick up the trash.!