It Is Important That Jaguars Prevail In Puerto Vallarta.

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This species is a predator of mice, which prevents diseases in the community.

On “World Jaguar Day” experts on the subject spoke of the importance of taking care of the Jaguar, as it is in danger of extinction, which represents a threat to the population.

This species is the predator of a chain of animals such as the mouse, which is the carrier and cause of infections that seriously affect the health of people, and in Puerto Vallarta this has helped to avoid diseases.

Coexistence between the jaguar and the community without mutual threats is possible, and for this, it is important to know more about this magnificent species.

Visitors and locals must learn about the importance of these specimens, their threats, their relationship with humans and the health of the ecosystems, through adequate research and management practices".

Different associations such as Fonnor have carried out a series of activities to make children and the community living in Puerto Vallarta aware of the importance of coexisting and accepting this incredible species that greatly helps the ecosystem.

The children were able to learn more about this fascinating species "the Jaguar" that lives around us, so different activities were carried out in front of the boardwalk of Puerto Vallarta, for the children to learn about this feline.

Fonnor through investigations with cameras that transmit during the night (the time when the jaguars come out to hunt their prey), is monitored through cameras that record their movements and nocturnal activities, without them realizing that they are being observed for their investigation.

The children also learned to distinguish their tracks in the mud.
It is important to note that jaguars need large territories for their subsistence and reproduction, so the excessive construction of houses and buildings has been reducing their habitat.