La Primavera Forest Periphery To Be Monitored

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To prevent forest fires in the Sierra will begin monitoring and surveillance tours

It is important to raise awareness among the population regarding the use of fire without supervision or authorization in these green areas, which are prone to catch fire if the indications of the state authorities are not taken into account.

.With the objective of identifying the sites of greatest risk to the La Primavera Forest in terms of forest fires and coordinating actions to reduce their impact, monitoring and surveillance tours began in the periphery of the Natural Protected Area (NPA), which will be carried out from March to June in the municipalities of Zapopan, Tlajomulco de Zúñiga, Tala and El Arenal. These inspections, in which agencies from the three levels of government are participating, began on March 2 and will end on June 8, with the aim of detecting properties that receive debris and organic material, socializing with owners regarding the management of waste and fuels.

They will also review the municipal permits, inform about the penalties applicable in case of failing to comply with the recommendations, implement short-term actions, and raise awareness among the population regarding the use of fire without supervision or authorization. The first tour took place on Wednesday, March 2, with the participation of the Zapopan Civil Protection and Firefighters Coordination (UPCyB Zapopan), elements of the Ministry of Environment and Territorial Development (Semadet), the State Attorney's Office for Environmental Protection (Proepa), forest brigade members and forest rangers from the Decentralized Public Organization (OPD) Bosque La Primavera.

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