Picking Up Trash

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Taxi Drivers & Staff of TPV Airport Transportation

On Tuesday, May 9, Taxi Drivers & Staff of TPV Airport Transportation gathered at Parque de las Mujeres, at 8:30 am to begin picking up the trash in Rio Camarones that follows Ave Libramiento.

These 23 Volunteers helped to remove 48 bags of trash. The majority of trash was caused by the homeless who use the overpasses to create their temporary encampments & use this area as their toilets.

In less than a half kilometer, these 23 Taxi Volunteers plus John with his boots, collected about 2 tons of trash that will not go into Banderas Bay when the rains come.

A special thanks to El Dorado & La Palapa Restaurants donated the pickers & caps for the volunteers and Secrets Resort for the box lunches.

The slogan of the "Guerra Contra La Basura" is "It's the responsibility of everyone to keep our planet clean & healthy, no matter where you live or what country you are from".