Punta De Mita The Sea Water Moved Inward

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The phenomenon that occurred in the water is that of a tsunami.

Fishermen and residents of the Punta Mita area reported this Saturday on social networks that the sea moved a few meters inland. This, after a tsunami alert was issued after the eruption of an underwater volcano in Toga, a country in Oceania. The neighbors who reported the event uploaded a video in which it can be seen how, indeed, the sea begins to recede at least 10 meters inward, showing a sudden change of current. The State Unit of Civil Protection in Nayarit informed that the Nayarit coasts are kept under surveillance, in order to be prepared and react in case of any emergency. These phenomena are caused by large water currents, which occur under the oceans, and are very dangerous for those who swim in the water, since bathers can easily be dragged up to kilometers under the sea.

This type of phenomena has occurred previously in areas such as Holly beach in Puerto Vallarta, where several tourists have already disappeared, who did not measure the consequences of the danger and to date there has been no other explanation for their disappearance. It is important to follow the indications given by the Civil Protection authorities to respect the red flag when there is danger in the sea, the red flag has a very important meaning as a red traffic light, which indicates to stop, so in the sea it means stop and do not enter the sea because you run a risk when entering the sea and with the strong currents the person could drown or disappear in an undercurrent of the sea. Some surfers take advantage of these high waves. But they run the risk of being dragged by these currents under the sea where they travel for miles until they are lost and never heard from again

punta de mita water beach

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