23rd Anniversary Of The Cafe Des Artistes

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With Flavors from Argentina - A celebration in Red and Black

This Saturday December 14th, the anniversary party of the restaurant Café Des Artistes was carried out, one of the most important celebrations of the year, starting out with the spectacular concert of Bohemia Viva, that with its music delighted the audience and put it to dance, making it an unforgettable night.

With a glass of red wine in the hand and with red and black attires, the guests celebrated the anniversary together. Surprisingly people in stilts appeared in the event, making it more attractive and at the same time amusing for the guests. The unexpected entrance of the Night Dancers (Bailarines De La Noche) left everyone with their mouth open with their sensual and coordinated movements. The welcome cocktail for the guests was a complete success. In the end, Mr. Luis Reyes Brambilia, General Director of the newspaper Vallarta Opina delivered a recognition to the owner of the Café Des Artistes Thierry Blouet. for his long background in Vallarta.

DSC01775 DSC01782
Night Dancers Fabrizio Juárez, MarcelaLuna
Celine Ferrier and Mary Pompa
DSC01848 DSC01850
Gabriel Ugarta, Magdalena Avilar, Pinky
Liney Cornejo and Bruno Kiehnle
Rose & Thierry Blouet
DSC01754 DSC01761
Bohemia Viva, Cafe des Artistes with
a flavor of Argentina.
Maribel Penalba and Alicia Mijares
DSC01763 DSC01780
Lizbeth Navarro, Gabriel Espinosa, Itzae Montiel Lupita, Marco and their beautiful baby!
DSC01781 DSC01783
Raymond & Michel special guest from Vancover A great anniversary celebration
at Café Des Artistes
DSC01849 DSC01891
Andreas Rupprechter, Omar Alonso, Bett Nijkamp Thierry with Bohemia Viva
and the Dancers of the Night
DSC01888 DSC01890
A good opportunity for a good toast! Gabriel Espinosa and Lizbeth Navarro

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