Against the heritage of Vallartenses

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billboardsClearly, we live for tourism. It is also clear that our main attraction, after the manner of being of the inhabitants, is the landscape.

There are hundreds and thousands of beaches and mountains, but here is something to see what nature has given us. Those who visit us come and pay to see the natural beauty and added successful that we have put humans into the landscape, when we are right.

Tourists usually come from an environment of agglomeration, visual pollution, noise pollution and other pollution, to enjoy beauty and clean environment vallartarotulos"for thelook." That is the common heritage that sustains us and allows us Vallartenses build a better life for our families.

Of course the scenery is heritage to be protected from predators. Global institutions and care to give recognition characteristic landscapes, where people care.

In Jalisco the agave landscape have in the region of Tequila, proclaimed heritage not only of the people, but of all mankind. Cultural heritage.

Hence not understand visually pollute the savagery of a beautiful landscape, like ours makes the set appealing, to pay to see him, to pay to come.

Absurd there who are pocketing money polluting our beautiful landscapes. Absurd that entrepreneurs have so careless as to pay for their products or services appear assaulting, polluting, showing depreciated to the highest values ​​of a population.

Absurd laws are so backward, so that you can visually pollute "within the law", affecting the entire population "by court order".

We know that in the cities of our country, municipalities or delegations, have an obligation to protect the urban landscape, Norman rigorously placement, sizes, distances, luminosities and others of outdoor advertising, not to mention the spectacular they are ultimate in vulgarity and visual pollution. The cities are not going to kill the appeal of its colonial architecture, allowing the voracious post signs on the roofs of houses or palaces. And when a city seeks to recover degraded areas, the first thing they do is clean the place of outdoor advertising. Deform, degrade, contraminan are advanced deterioration and poverty.

lasvegasTo Las Vegas no people travel to enjoy the desert landscape. From the beginning, people go to the casinos and amusement internal showrooms within hotels. So do not hurt  Las Vegas, the explosion of outdoor ads, loaded with lights and stacking. The attraction of the city is not in the countryside, in nature. Its appeal lies in the interior, in the game and in the shows.

There is no problem to go and get their huge signs ... if you let them.

But here we live the landscape around our sites and our friendly service quality. Here, the landscape is threatening harm to all.

So we must defend the irrational nature of such large attacks, issued by the insatiable greed of money at all costs, whatever and friéguese perjudíquense all.

We can not allow re-entry degrade our city with this absurd pollution that our visitors feel, cheated, cheated, cheated: we promise the wonders of nature and receive them with vulgarity and degradation of ads that block the view landscape.

In legal must exhaust all instances, including the constitutional controversy. In the civic society must be mobilized to contain the attack to the common heritage. If the merchants of visual pollution can not disregard the thirty pieces why people betray, advertisers should know that they are promoting the rejection of their products or services because they are not socially responsible to finance pollution of our landscape.

We must fight for what nature gave us.pvnaturaleza   We must fight for what makes us attractivepvnatural

We must fight for the common heritage or we will sink into widespread poverty, hopeless.

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