Nelly Galvan Duque, better known as Nelly Wulff, or Nelly Barquet. An Exemplary Woman

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An ENTERPRISING woman, a woman of BUSINESS, a great WOMAN and a MOTHER who has contributed so much to Puerto Vallarta. 

Nelly how has this been, all this development full of successes?

Since I was a very young girl I could not study,  it was impossible for me, it was too complicated. I studied the elementary grades in the Colegio Americano in Mexico City, because my mom used to say that English was the most important language, and that we had to learn it. THANK HEAVEN I learned English. I worked in Casa de los Azulejos in Sanborns, which was the most exclusive restaurant of that time. I focused since I was very young in fashion and did a Career of 7 years in Sanborns. I thank God that I focused in only one thing. I had a lot of fun, I had a lot of friends, and a boyfriend with whom I lasted 4 years, Ramsis Barquet. I was always falling in love but at the same time I loved my work, it did not matter to me to work until very late and the Manager was my uncle, an American. At that time they paid me 100 pesos per month. I started with a shop for kids' clothes, in the Insurgentes avenue of Mexico City.

I married Guillermo Wulff, an Entrepenur. We got to Puerto Vallarta without work, but I started in a clothing shop and realized that there were a lot of opportunities for development. Here the girls took embroidery classes, even my daughters. It was easy for me to open an embroidery workshop with which I could give employment to hundreds of Vallartan women. I feel very proud to have created work opportunities in the city. In that period, I exported my clothing designs to New York, consisting of boxes with 250 dresses. I was the first one to start the dress industry, which was a golden period in Puerto Vallarta. I presented my designs in exclusive shops of the U.S. like Magnen, Bullock Robinson, Rivendell of New York, and I was even invited to a t.v. program in the U.S. I participated in fashion exhibitions in Palm Desert, Sta. Barbara and Boston, I presented my designs in front of 400 ladies from the high society; the designs were of textile mantle and they would come looking for us from the U.S. to buy the clothes. We would sell a lot and we even opened a shop in San Juan Capistrano for 17 years with the name of "Nelly of Pto Vta". Then it stopped selling because the clothes that only need to be washed started to come in.

Later they invited me to collaborate with the House Refugio Santa Esperanza, a place for children. I was the first one who hosted a dinner in the restaurant Las Palomas with foreigners. I gave away the collected funds for the realization of 2 rooms for the nuns, I also collaborated with Mrs. Lisa Cornejo with a computer room for the Foster Home of Máximo Cornejo. Mr. Legorreta gave me 6 computers and I gave them as charity. Each time I felt a greater need to support the people in need, like the people who carry the trash, who were very poor. I sold them the clothes for 2 pesos because I learned that you should never give things away, because then people don't value it as much.

In the DIF I collaborated by teaching English classes. I also hosted a party and collected 87,000 pesos, which I gave to an association.

Currently I collaborate with the Farmers Market here in Marina Vta. I witness the enormous need that the people have of earning at least 500 pesos per week, to be able to feed their family.

Guillermo Wulff, my husband, built Condominiums like Puesta del Sol. He together with 10 partners, invested 15,000 dls each, and in this way the construction started.

Before building, Marina was a marsh, and he created a club house, the golf club, the famous gringo Gulch and the Kimberly house where Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton lived. I always shared the triumphs and failures with my husband Guillermo Wulff.

Afterwards I was married with Ramis Barquet who was a sculptor that created several works here in Vallarta, like the fisherman, the nostalgia, The family, The flautist, The Shark and The boy and the book.

I became famous thanks to my good fellow Mr. Brambilia, who made me come out in all the newspapers. He portrayed me, and I warned him that he had fallen in love with me.

Now let's talk about the artistic medium, how did you meet Elizabeth Taylor?

I was married with the American Guillermo Wulff, who was a friend of the producer Hudson, the two initiated the production of the film The Night of the Iguana and there I knew the actors, including Richard Burton and Ava Garner, a very Beautiful woman.

I know that you presented in the Homage of the 50 years of the filming of The Night of the Iguana, photographic exhibition with more than 130 pieces. You shared experiences with Mr. López Tarso. How was that meeting?

It was wonderful, the gentleman is of my age and there was a type of chemistry, something spiritual, as if we already knew each other. He was here in the Restaurant Las Palomas, in the CUC and in the Vaca Argentina but it was incredible.

Your children have inherited your talent and your business skills. Currently what do each of them do?

Luis is Owner of the Restaurant El Dorado. Memo Has a Recovery Center in which he helps young men who have suffered drug addiction problems, and who are now proudly walking in the right path. My daughter Lupita is in charge of the Restaurant Las Palomas, and my granddaughter is in charge of the Farmer's Market.



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