Barra de Navidad Optimism For The Upcoming Holiday Season

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Puerto Vallarta, Jal.-Barra de Navidad is routed to a recovery in the flow of visitors who come to this place every year, so there is optimism among hoteliers and service providers in this coastal delegation of the municipality of Cihuatlan.

Thus they agreed representatives of various public and private bodies within the framework of the Festival of the Mexico-Philippines friendship that was carried out between Friday and Sunday in this tourist destination on the occasion of the 450th anniversary of the first issue of our country to that Asian country.

The memorial ceremony for these events was headed by the Ambassador of the Philippines in Mexico, Catalino Dilenn, and the head of the Ministry of tourism in Jalisco (SECTURJAL), Enrique Ramos Flores, on behalf of the Governor of the State, Jorge Aristóteles Sandoval Díaz.

The Asian diplomat recalled the points of coincidence and the historical ties that bind both Nations, then that for more than 300 years the Philippines were under the administration of the new Spain, and that was through our country how began trade between Asia and the West.

He recalled the twinning of Barra de Navidad with the Philippine town of Vigan, first point of the island where arrived the Spanish military Miguel López de Legazpi and Urdaneta André friar, they sailed from Jalisco town of November 21, 1564 and reached 90 days later.

At the time, Enrique Ramos Flores recalled that many words of language Tagalog, which is spoken among Filipino natives, are of origin nahualt.

"Sister us a vast artistic when Mexico administered on behalf of Spain to the Philippine Islands and thousands of Spaniards or Mexicans came to those Asian lands and already did not return, establishing his permanent residence in those lands", declared the owner of SECTURJAL.

In the framework of the celebrations for this important event in the history of Barra de Navidad, arose bands of different municipalities of the State and dances, as well as various artistic activities and Fireworks.

There was also a solemn session of meritorious society of geography and statistics of Jalisco, where the importance of this geographical point in Mexico and the facilities was weighted so began an expedition to be so unattainable that originated the international trade between Asia and the West 450 years ago.

Eduardo Velasco, President of the Agency, led the academic work in the presence of the Ambassador of the Philippines in Mexico and the Secretary of tourism in Jalisco.

After these activities, Ramos Flores met with hoteliers and service providers, who reiterated the unconditional support of the Government of Jalisco to teamwork and open new expectations after the recovery of the beach.

He noted that 80 percent of tourism arriving at Barra de Navidad came from the metropolitan area of Guadalajara, so it did not rule out joint promotional campaigns in the Jalisco capital between Colima and Jalisco.

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