Five Sites Aspiring Entrepreneurs Must Visit

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afivesitesTo be an entrepreneur you must be able to think outside the box.

This means marketing yourself in ways that are not so clear cut. To help I’ve put together a list of five sites that entrepreneurs must visit.

 1. Meetup.com

As the world’s largest network of local groups, with more than 2,000 groups getting together in local communities each day you gain so much by either joining a network of entrepreneurs or creating a team of people yourself. You’d be surprised at how many people are interested in what you’re doing because they might be in any early stage like you or they could be a bit ahead of you. Needless to say, a partnership or your own network of supporting entrepreneurs is inevitable, and a must because as everyone knows, starting a business from scratch ain’t easy!

Please, don’t limit yourself to only entrepreneurial groups or groups based on your business niche, branch out and find groups that cater to your hobbies, interest, or something you have always been interested in doing. Try something new. Meet people and network in both a formal and informal settings. Facebook  Twitter

2. Professional Blogs

Find blogs that cater to your business niche. My niche being startups, venture capitalism, social media; two blogs I religiously read are aVC by Fred Wilson and the

Brian Solis blog by social media guru Brian Solis. It is crucial for you to find blogs owned and written by professionals in your niche. From these posts you will not only be in tune with what is happening now, but you will develop a deep respect and understanding for your craft from reading the words of game changers currently in business.

As well don’t forget to follow them in whatever social networking site they are using, create friendships and learn. Brian Solis (Twitter) (Facebook) VC (Twitter) (Facebook)

3.  Twitter

This social network is easy networking with someone you admire professionally. From tweets to follows to a connection, your network can grow exponentially and effectively. The use of tweets may be 140 characters or less however the real-time information network that it connects you to contains the latest information on whatever you find interesting.

With the use of the #Discover tab, your world will be opened to conversations, and information flowing, be that of entrepreneurship or the latest Gucci bag. I often find it much easier to converse through tweets and just wiggle your way into a conversation, more so than Facebook.

This little hashtag “#” tab says Brian Solis, “is where simplicity meets serendipity…Your experience on Twitter is defined by who you follow, who they follow, trends based on relationships, and the interactions you have as a result. “

4. Codecademy

Whether your into fashion, tech, writing or education everyone has a computer yet not many people know the stuff that makes computer programs work, also known as code. Coding is what software is made out of and programmers are in high demands these days from Silicon Valley to New York City. If this is so, are you wondering how to learn to code? Well, one solution is Codecademy, this new startup has declared 2012 the Year of Code. Making coding fun through accessible lessons and free courses online. What are you waiting for, go code!

5.  Personal Branding Blog

As an aspiring entrepreneur you must get people to know about you both online and in the real world, through personal branding. Personal branding is, basically marketing yourself to others as an employee, entrepreneur and/or expert in your line of business. Founder of the Personal Branding blog Dan Schwabel, is known as a personal branding guru. And his blogs and books will teach you how to market yourself and let the world know who you are.

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