Carnival Miracle and Sapphire Princess: Important Economic Flow for Puerto Vallarta

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showcase-api-cruise-shipsThe Arrival of These Two Cruise Ships Represents Economic Increase.

Cruise ship Carnival Miracle arrived on our port on February 25th at 12:00 p.m.

This cruise ship is very important since it visits at least once a week, and it's one of the few ships that is establishing overnight port calls, which means being able to stay in Puerto Vallarta overnight; this has represented an economic income for Puerto Vallarta, and a joy for us in having them at least a day a week.The cruise ship's original departure is from Long Beach, California, then to Cabo San Lucas, from there it comes to Puerto Vallarta, and it departs toward Puerto Quetzal, in front of Guatemala, and from there, it makes its journey back towards Long Beach.

This ship in particular is characterized for bringing people of many nationalities, especially Americans, Canadians and also many Mexicans that live in San Francisco and Los Angeles, California, who travel to Long Beach to board the ship to visit their Mexican families.

It should be noted that once the ship arrives to our port, the open talk that Immigration, Customs and SAGARPA (Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food) have to liberate the ship begins, and later the passengers and crew disembark throughout the day.

API Puerto Vallarta
The Most Mexican Port

Since the beginning of 2014, API provides various services for the comfort and safety of passengers, along with an excellent welcome to our city. Since their arrival on February 25th, the passengers were welcomed by the mariachi, who played songs and ballads all day to receive even the last passenger to an environment full of joy. The tourists appeared happy upon their arrival. There were also many concessionaries such as SEÑOR FROGS present, who provided several souvenirs, endorsed and certified by API in order to ensure that passengers did not run into scammers and had the best options Puerto Vallarta has to offer.

Juan Carlos Galindo, who is in charge of the marketing area of Administracion Portuaria Integral Puerto Vallarta, S. A. de C.V. (Integral Port Administration of Puerto Vallarta) provided the exact number of passengers and crewmen in the ship, these numbers being prominent economically speaking. Sapphire Princess brought 2,689 passengers and 1,073 crewmen; in addition, Carnival Miracle brought 2,515 passengers and 923 crewmen. Each passenger spends an approximate of $96 dollars, and each crew member spends between $60 and $80 dollars, so each cruise would leave an approximate of $290,000 dollars, taking into account an average of 2,500 passengers per cruise. This represents a promising future, especially with triple arrivals. In the programmed arrival schedules for 2014-2016, there are between 2 to 5 cruises programmed to arrive per week, some of them triple. With a total of 107 cruises in 2014, 126 in 2015, and a tentative 86 cruises for 2016.

In accordance to SAGARPA regulation, it is prohibited to bring food outside of the ship, it is the agency in charge of food, which verifies restaurants and ensures that passengers don't bring food outside of the ship; Customs and Immigration check passports, but Immigration is the agency that opens the doors and gives way for passengers to begin disembarking.

Juan Carlos Galindo mentioned that surveys made by API to the Captain, crew and passengers show that Puerto Vallarta is one of the ports with the capacity and sufficient infrastructure to disembark directly unto the dock to immediately begin enjoying the destination.

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