Change Your Life Through Dental Care

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dentista4In times when economical hardship seems to be persistent,

it’s common to see people forgetting about one of the most important aspects of their lives: health care. It is true that most people do not seek for medical help until they are in pain, a very big mistake in the eyes of professionals like Dr. Gómez Santana. According to him, taking care of your health comes down to regular check-ups and awareness of whats happening in your body.


dentalmedPreventive dentistry not only can save you time and money in the long run, but a lot of pain too. It will ensure that your over-all health is and makes you feel great. Sometimes, when one has avoided the dentist for too long, it is necessary for more complicated procedures, and even surgical interventions to take place. Although someone could argue that natural aging is the cause of problems such as tooth decay and loss, the toll on your health, and your wallet, can be greatly diminished through regular check-ups to the dentist.

Dr. Santana has been a dentist for long enough to confirm that overall health is deeply rooted in the mouth. Dental health is linked to your diet, well-being, and socializing, in ways that can deeply alter your quality of life and profesional development. His surgical practice has had countless cases where the lives of his patients have change significantly after completing a treatment. He mentions it takes commitment, adding that for one to really improve their health and well-being, you have to want to live to the fullest, for it’s one of the benefits involved in proper dental care. Dentistry can definitely let you live better.

dentalmed1Through education, experience, technology and a passion for his practice, DentalMed turns out to be the evolution of years and years of working to improve peoples’ health. It’s an investment that he hopes – “will make people care more about their health through an experience that can be enjoyable, rather than painful” – Dr. Santana notes that the fear of dentists and drills can be overcome by understanding the causes, consequences and solutions to dental health problems. Cosmetic dentistry on the other hand, is not all about appearance, for a good looking smile is an indicator of strong oral health. So even if you are not in pain, crooked, damaged, or missing teeth have a very profound negative impact on your health and well-being.

With DentalMed, Dr. Santana hopes to set a standard to help dental tourism patients get the treatment they are looking for without risking their health in the hands of underqualified dentists. In his practice, restorative work such as dental implants and all kinds of oral surgery are done in a hospital environment, allowing for better care and excellent results. The quality of care given is set at a very high standard using the latest technologies in sterilization and painless treatment. Not to mention savings on costs compared to the U.S. and Canada are a given as tourists enjoy a well-deserved vacation in beautiful Puerto Vallarta.

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