Constant training, key to tourism development

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quality-certifiedHotels and businesses in the tourism industry of Barra de Navidad, Tenacatita and La Huerta received the "M" distinction as businesses that are certified in quality

Several hotels and businesses in the tourism industry of Barra de Navidad, Tenacatita and La Huerta received on Friday the "M" distinction, which means that they approved different stages of programs related to quality and modernization of their management system.

During the ceremony, the Secretary of Tourism, Enrique Ramos Flores, noted the interest of the State Governor, Aristóteles Sandoval, in this region and said that he will grant the necessary tools to accomplish this goal.

"The year 2014 is looking very promising for the actions that will be carried out, and by the hand of the municipal authorities, it will be possible to put in display the different destinations of this region",said Ramos Flores.

Before hoteliers and service providers, the Minister of Tourism celebrated the training that various businesses on the beaches of Costalegre obtained and he expressed that "with these elements and our interest in tourism development we can move forward".

The companies recognized with the "M" distinction are: Bungalows Las Arenas, Festival del Mar Melaque, Guía de Turistas Certificado, the hotels Playa Casa Chips, La Quinta Posadas Real Cuastecomates. Río, Sarabi, Trivento y Villas Las Golondrinas, the Posada Pablo de Tarso, the restaurant Lety, Sea Master antro bar&Méxicolinfo and Villas El Rosario San Andrés, among others.

The "M" distinction is given out by the federal Ministry of Tourism through external trainers who receive ongoing instruction for this purpose and the Secretary of Tourism of Jalisco (SECTURJAL) serves as a liaison to grant such recognition.
In Mexico, the micro, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) represent 90 percent of the current supply of tourist services, for which their strengthening in terms of training and modernization are key.

The Federal Ministry of Tourism, through the Modernization Program for SMEs, developed the Quality Modernization Program, management system that enables companies to improve the quality of their services, improve the profitability of their businesses and create a work environment that is participatory and humane.

Through the Quality Modernization Program, tourism companies can encourage their employees and increase their level of profitability and competitiveness based on a modern form of leading and managing a tourism company.

In a competitive environment characterized by globalization, the global position that Mexico has achieved could only be maintained, overcome and reinforced responding better than competing countries in terms of quality.

Tourism competitiveness implies sustainability and quality of business productivity in order to be in a position to generate a superior income than the average competitor and create wealth among the population.

That is why the Mexican tourism sector needs to develop a leadership position based on competitiveness and modernization of their business, thus enabling it to respond to new trends of demand and adapt to its changes and higher quality requirements, always manifesting a deep respect for the environment.

[readon1 url="http://vallartaopina.net/2013/09/21/capacitacion-constante-clave-para-el-desarrollo-turistico"]Source: Vallarta Opina Translated by Rene Tripp[/readon1]

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