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Cruise-arrivals-vallartaIt is expected that a total of 116 cruises will arrive this year  to Puerto Vallarta Cruise Marina, which represents a 43% increase over the 81 arrivals we received in 2013.


International cruise ships arriving in Puerto Vallarta this year will bring an income of 25.6 million dollars to our city, almost 350 million pesos, which represents an increase of 43% over 2013, reported by the office of Puerto Vallarta Tourism.

cruise-arrivals-vallarta2From September to December of this year, the port will welcome 52 cruises, which added to the 64 who have already played in Puerto Vallarta waters, will acheive a total of 116, 81 arrivals more than those we received last year.

Four cruise lines that are arriving more frequently to Puerto Vallarta are Norwegian, Princess, Carnival and Holland American, in that order. In terms of passengers, it is estimated that Puerto Vallarta closed the year with the arrival of approximately 266,800 passengers. For the rest of the year, coming arrivals will be two triples, eight doubles and three overnights.

We are very happy and satisfied with the work we carried out together with the assistance of the Pacific and federal authorities to achieve this increase in arrival of cruises and this month we began the season by welcoming four of the cruise ships, to be received with mariachi and the happiness of all of the Puerto Vallarta service providers, said Carlos Gerard, director of the municipal tourism.

For the year of 2015 we have confirmed 141 cruises; the company Carnival Cruises will arrive every month of the year, even during the summer, so it will be no absence of cruises in any month. Carnival will provide 34% of the arrivals; Princess 20%; With 19% Norwegian and Holland American with 16%.

With the start of the second season of arrival of cruise ships, Puerto Vallarta resumes its activity and service providers will benefit with the arrival of thousands of national and international tourists.

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