Economic Development of Nayarit Advances firmly: Economists

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Continuing investment and the generation of formal jobs, Nayarit has a promising future in their rates of development, say experts

The Economic Watch Mexico Nayarit branded as one of the "Asian Tigers Mexicanos" by the level of growth that has appeared in this year, thanks to the efforts of the Governor of the People, Roberto Sandoval, to attract investment and create jobs.

And is that while the economy overall scale marked a 1.8% increase in the fourth quarter, Nayarit ranks as the presenting entity that grew 10.3%, followed by 9.5% Quintana Roo, Campeche 9.2%, Baja California Sur 9% , Chihuahua and Aguascalientes 6.8% 6.2%.

Viridiana Rios, director of the observatory said that our organization tops the list of states that were called "the Tiger Mexican, "which are a handful of companies that have growth rates would already many countries.

Nayarit also excels in productivity, so that compared to Asian countries where our organization has an indicator of 12%, while others have a 4.8%.

Now Viridiana Rios is bound to investigate each of the states " Tiger " on what they did to achieve double digit grow or increase your productivity. "If not, we are wasting a huge opportunity for this country," he adds, "if these states managed to grow, of course the rest of the country can also" said Rios own.

Meanwhile, the Governor of the People, thanked nayaritas entity by placing first in the nation in growth, "shows that by working together and seeking investment can achieve our dreams. Let's get more jobs to continue making history in the present. "

The Centre is supported by the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness (IMCO) and Mexico assessed, with a team of 40 economists who developed a traffic light that measures the state and national behavior of a number of variables that detect economic growth and generation of formal jobs.

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