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cvb-puerto-vallartaThe Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) of Puerto Vallarta aims to promote tourism development in the region and meet the social needs of the community to bring about opportunities for improvement and wellbeing, generating synergies between the destination’s private sector, three sectors of government and social sector; and promote tourism in Puerto Vallarta, through the participation of all economic sectors, implementing efforts at the national and international levels which complement those performed institutionally.

On April 29th of this year, its cadre led by Mr. CANTU LUIS ANGEL TREVINO and the appointment of the Board of Directors whose members aim to create a plural and inclusive team in accordance with the needs of a world-renowned tourist destination such as Puerto Vallarta. Today the CONVENTION & VISITORS BUREAU is strengthened and promises to renew tourism in the region. The proposed mission: to revitalize competitiveness through promotion and integrated marketing, with the vision to become a leading organization that combines the efforts of all tourism sectors in this international destination.

The Board of Directors is comprised as follows, namely: President: CANTU LUIS ANGEL TREVINO; Secretary: LUDWIG ESTRADA VIRGIN; Treasurer: IGNACIO BERAUD CHAIN. Similarly, ANNE PATRICIA FARIAS will provide her expertise in the field of business tourism; Mr. FRANCISCO VILLASEÑOR, his experience in airport operations and air connectivity; MIGUEL ANGEL GARCIA BELTRAN, in the field of cruises; CARLOS GERARD, his knowledge of cruises and activities within the Municipal Tourism Office; Mr. JOSEPH MARTIN PUEBLA will be the voice of the businessmen; Mr. MARCELO ALCATRAZ will bring his vast knowledge in tourism investments; Mr. LUIS ANGARITA, his career in the tourism market and diversification of supply in new segments; Mr. FRANCISCO BELTRAN will be spokesman for travel agents representing the AMAV; Mr. SANTIAGO PLASCENCIA, ADAVPTUR President, will also provide his expertise in service and passenger service; Ms. EVANGELINA SANCHEZ, President of CANIRAC, will represent the gastronomy that has brought such fame to Puerto Vallarta; Mr. ENRIQUE GARCIA ENCARNACIÓN will be the collections specialist to certify the incoming financial resources; Mr. MAURICIO MARTINEZ, General Manager of the "Secrets & Now Amber” Hotels will bring his extensive experience in hotels; Mr. ANDRES GONZALEZ PALOMERA will bring with him a consistent relationship with the government sector; Dr. JORGE VILLANUEVA, CMQ Premier Hospital Director will provide expertise in medical tourism; Dr. ALFREDO CESAR DACHARY, known and renowned researcher on global tourism, will be an invaluable source of information; Mr. JOSE LUIS DIAZ BORIOLI will incorporate his experience of having been involved in various governmental activities and the business sector for over 20 years; Mr. ALEJANDRO LEMUS will share his experience in marketing and residential tourism.

The professionalism and participation of the members of the Board of Directors is clear. The commitment and responsibility belongs to everyone.

To run and bring order to the actions of the Convention & Visitors Bureau of Puerto Vallarta, the renowned Mr. MIGUEL HERNANDEZ ANDRES ARTEAGA has been unanimously appointed as General Manager, bringing his experience as a hotelier,  marketer, tourism specialist, university professor and one who has dedicated his life to the travel industry, tourism, gastronomy, branding, marketing, synergy creation, quality processes and international certifications with dynamic work teams focused on specific results placed at CVB Puerto Vallarta’s service.

The Puerto Vallarta CVB aims to foster tourism in Puerto Vallarta, through the participation of the different economic sectors, in the design and implementation of efforts to promote tourism at national and international levels; implementing media campaigns and strategies, MICE, participation, penetration, direct marketing and sales promotion to broaden the channels of information and induction to the marketing of tourism that Puerto Vallarta offers as one of the leading destinations in Mexico.

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