Good Business for Local Puerto Vallarta Boats This Season

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The boats that go around the bay area have had a very good winter season so far. They were busy during the last three weeks of December and full to capacity for several consecutive days during the holidays; business went down only just a little during the first working day of the year.

According to the boat managers, the boats made their rounds with about 80 % of national tourists, and 20 % foreign tourists during the holidays; but from the beginning of the year they have been observing a greater number of foreign tourists.

Manuel Garcia Arechiga, captain of Bora Bora, stated that the tour that have more demand are the whale watching and tour to the Maritas Islands. The price for the whale watching tours goes from $35.00 to $60.00, depending on the type of boat, the itinerary, the activities, the day of the week and on the kind of tourists; they recognize charging “a little more” to foreigners.

The tour to Marietas Islands goes from $40.00 to $60.00, depending on what is included in the trip. Besides access to the Famous Playa Escondida, tourists also have the choice of kayaking. Snorkeling, and doing other water activities.

A nautical expert, with several years of experience working at Banderas Bay, said that, on this time of the year, in a whale watching tour, passengers are able to see three, five and sometimes even more whales, but “of course, we cannot guaranty anything. We only tell them where the whales can be seen and to be on the alert; at this time of the year they will surely see some and will be able to take some pictures”.

People responsible for the boats say that the whale watching is usually a very lucrative season for them. 80 % of tourists go to the Port Administration to request information on both, the whale watching and the Mariteas Islands tour.

“No doubt, from December toMarch. Whales are a big attraction. Visitors want to take the tour to witness this natural spectacle.

Another of the most popular tours is the one that take tourists to Yelapa and/or Quimixto, where visitors can walk around, ride horses, do some water and land activities. It also offers a meal at the beach, a show on board and free drinks.


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