Hacienda Matel adds itself to the list of Boutique Hotels of Mexico

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This Thursday the plaque that identifies the Matel Hacienda San Sebastian del Oeste as part of the group of Boutique Hotels of Mexico was unveiled.

The event was headed by the regional director of tourism, Virgin Estrada Ludwin, the Director of the Municipal Tourism of Puerto Vallarta, Carlos Gerard, the municipal president Yesenia Pulido, the hotel manager, Iliana González de Bravo, company representatives of the Boutique Hotels of Mexico and special guests

During the event the importance that the municipality is made known through local companies was highlighted, as in this case, by belonging to a list of 42 hotels that are promoted in and out of Mexico under that concept.

Similarly through this broadcast, the brand San Sebastian del Oeste will go as a Magic Town.

Boutiques Hotels of Mexico is responsible for evaluating, certifying and promoting that each of its affiliates holds a unique atmosphere theme, and above all, that it is related to the Mexican culture.

In the case of Hacienda Matel, owned by businessman Arturo Bravo Rodríguez, is nestled in the mountains, its high walls and clay tile that replicates the style used at the time of the Mexican Revolution, allow it to belong to this collection of hotels.





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