Honors to the Sheraton Hotel Associates

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The Sheraton Hotel presented its associates with Awards and Oscars during an exclusive celebration in one of the luxurious halls of the Hotel.

On March 21, 2013 an exclusive awards ceremony was held at the Sheraton Hotel Buganvilias in Puerto Vallarta, which was attended by many renowned hotel "personalities".

The Director General, Alvaro Garciarce acknowledged the significant dedication and effort made by its associates, during the opening ceremony of this important event.

Mr. Luis Enrique Padilla, Chief Operating officer of Sheraton Hotel Buganvilias, expressed his appreciation, thanks and congratulations to all colleages.  Then describing the reason why the decision was made to manage the presentation of statuettes or "Oscars" instead of the "normal" ceremony.  We are recognizing the excellence of our associates, the cast of Sheraton Buganvilias, the effort of the entire team, to exceed the high expectations of our guests.  Working with quality standards and satisfaction levels that are acheived and awarded by RCI, Trip Advisor, and Brand Karma.

DSC04503The "Oscar" statuette is awarded to the best artists, the best stars in the film industry. For us our associates are the stars, they are the winners and the best way to reward them is to present a statue for the entire team to enjoy.

We are breaking standards in the delivery of awards, we want our associates to feel really important to enable them to achieve spectacular accomplishments. If they are comfortable, happy with the company they become motivated to provide the best experience to our customers.

The winners in the delivery of Oscars were Maria de Lourdes Becerra Lopez, who obtained the highest number of complimentary mentions in the period of January and February 2013.

Multiple acknowledgements to associates with more customer satisfaction accomplimnets on TripAdvisor.

The department of public areas, received an award for maintenance excellence, the Administrative Department for quality knowledge and programs of the Sheraton and the Purchasing Department was awarded an Oscar for its high number of mentions in the first period 2013.

Some awards were personal as in the case of Alfredo Diaz Chavarin who acheived the recognition for Best Seller of reservations among others.

Luis Ramon Delgado, Head of Human Resources at Sheraton Buganvilias, recognized the efforts of his associates who concentrate their efforts to ensure customers depart Sheraton Buganvilias with the feeling of high quality and satisfaction that enhances brand.

Then he invited the tourists to visit the destination, Puerto Vallarta, as one of the best in the world, this beautiful city is a tourism paradise, a city that is in order and prepared to receive guests from different parts of the world.

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DSC04580 DSC04583

Luis Ramon Delgado said "We invite our friends in the United States and Canada to come and enjoy an unforgettable experience, where our employees are definitely ready to provide the best experience."

The award ceremony took place at the campus of the luxurious hotel, where associates of the Sheraton Hotel enjoyed a delicious buffet, a friendly atmosphere, between the red carpet and the awards ceremony of the "Oscars".



DSC04590 DSC04607
DSC04612 DSC04620

The ambience of the Hotel was possible thanks to the excellent coordination of the Executive Committee formed by Mr. Alvaro Garciarce Director General, Luis Enrique Padilla, Chief Operating Officer, Luis Ramon Delgado Head of Human Resources and the Director of Marketing, Ms. Celina Alfano.

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