Hotel Owners Will Strengthen Their Support to Puerto Vallarta

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Upon the swearing in of Puerto Vallarta Hotel Association New Board of Directors, Ignacio Cadena Beraud, president of FIDETUR, stated that this is the perfect moment to support the Hotel Association, in their endeavor to look for strategies and financial assistance from State and Federal Governments, in order to be able to continue with tourism recovery.

The Hotel Trade is, without a doubt, FIDETUR’s most important element. It is the institution in charge of lodging, welcoming and promoting our tourist areas in foreign and national markets, with the blessing of all the citizens of Vallarta.

Thanks to group efforts - business men, employees and private initiative- Puerto Vallarta, this year, had a substantial increment of more than 237 thousand foreign tourists from North America, in comparison to the year 2013. This can be measured by looking at the city and the hotels high occupancy rate.

“What we have been able to see since winter started is that Hotels are doing business; so are the resaturants,retail stores and, in general, all those who provide some kind of service”.

The President of FIDETUR, however, called on everyone to continue with the good work. He said that this is the time to accelarate our steps, it is the time to work harder so that Puerto Vallarta may continue growing , which is what every body wants.

In reference to the new president f the Hotel Association, Cadena Beraud said: “Rodolfo Pacheco is now responsible for the Association, he will coordinate the efforts of all hotel owners. Rodolfo has a very clear idea of what needs to be done, he is very familiar with the hotel business in this region, and he is hotelier by vocation and a highly regarded professional”.

That’s why, he added, we are all very sure that he is not only going to continue the work of previous Boards; this is not a job for one president but it is a job for presidents. The Board of Directors is fundamental for all decisions, but it is necessary t have a coordinator, and no one better than Rodolfo Pacheco, whom we welcome and promise all our support.

Addressing Pacheco, he said: “I know you have a very good plan of work, a precise and clear one; without doubt, this plan will help to mark the course and the rhythm on how to move forward on Hotels professionalization, certification and success, which should leave profits that, will be spread out around the city and the region”.

He also mentioned that Rodolfo Pacheco initiates his period as President of the Board with the support of the hotel, restaurant and commercial sectors, and also of the business and labor sectors; which together, make him, and the region, stronger.

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