In Mexico, More Digital Buyers Use Mobil

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  • Mexico’s mobile buying penetration is higher than average in Latin America

210900The share of digital buyers who buy via mobile is higher in Mexico than in Colombia, Chile or Argentina, according to research from digital merchant Linio. The report, on shoppers tracked during Q1 2016, claims that nearly 36% of digital buyers in Mexico are mobile purchasers, slightly higher than the regional average of about 34%.

Mobile Buyer Penetration in Select Countries in Latin America, Q1 2016 (% of digital buyers)

Of course, Colombia and Chile are not terribly far off when it comes to mobile buyers; about 34% of digital buyers in Colombia, for example, purchase via mobile. But where Mexico does stand out is in which mobile phones people are making their purchases on.

Linio’s report reveals that 55% of mobile buyers in Mexico are using Android-based handsets, the other 45% being iOS.

That’s a skew in favor of Google’s mobile OS, but compared to other markets in Latin America, Mexico has notably more mobile buyers using iPhones. In Argentina, for 210910example, about 90% of mobile buyers used Android-based devices, while in Chile, two-thirds of mobile buyers run Android.

So if users in Mexico are a little different than other Latin American countries in Linio's report, it’s important to know what they’re buying. About half of mobile purchases were of TVs, mobile phones or computers in Q1 2016.

Mcommerce Purchase Share in Mexico, by Category, Q1 2016 (% of total)

That swath is by far the biggest; while another 18% said they bought home goods, nothing else comes close. Shoppers in Mexico are plugged in, and ready to buy more things to plug in.

eMarketer projects there will be a total of 18.2 million digital buyers in Mexico this year, at a rate of 33.3% of all internet users in the country. In 2017, eMarketer forecasts 20 million digital buyers in the country.








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