Is Mexico the next Michigan?

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This is a no-brainer…. CHEAP LABOR !!!! BMW announced that they are introducing a new division of BMW in Mexico which will offer easy access to the United States of America. The German automaker BMW inform the world of this monumental groundbreaking plan that will be in Mexico which will further the brand doesn’t closer to the United States. Surprisingly they’re going to another billion dollars into the South Carolina population so that they can almost tripled their production as well as continued quality.

Carlos Ghosn who is the chief executive officer for a company announced they will produce over 1 million cars in Mexico and shipped across United States of America. Since 2008 the production has almost doubled and they expect a 40 to 45% increase by 2017. Audi is coming out going to get a piece of the Central American pie by building a facility that is state-of-the-art don’t produce more than 150,000+ vehicles Amanda slow to be ready for production by 2016 they post that they will be the largest car maker in the world.

Chrysler is also spending $1.2 billion to retool and create a state-of-the-art facility in Mexico which will start with their main product commercial brands and four-cylinder engines that are used in the jeep Cherokee trucks Dodge Dart, with a total investment of about $3 billion dollars. The Mexican economy has caught fire by all of the automakers walking to these different areas of Mexico and other businesses are flourishing from this. The steel industry has increased either volume of production by over $3 billion in trying to meet these factory needs because galvanized steel is a hot commodity because coated inZink to prevent rust and very low in cost. The steel imports have risen close to 10 million tons last year which is close to 40% according to the tree national Iron and Steel industry chamber. The great thing about this is other businesses as far as restaurants, real estate market, and other off brand businesses will floors from this late revelation of car building in these regions. The labor cost is the main factor for these companies to grow and flourish and compete worldwide scale.


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