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Puerto Vallarta Municipal governement is launching the “Looking for job program” using technology, to publish jobs offered by businesses with which they have signed an agreement.

“One of the things the Office of Economic Development is actually doing is, precisely, launching our program “Looking for Jobs”. People looking for jobs can log in to desarrolloeconomico.puertovallarta.gob.mx and attain information on vacancies which different companies offer, without having to go directly to our offices”, specified Alvaro Mora Maciel, chief of that department.

This program lets people know of all the vacancies available around the area and, by looking at a map, are able to locate where the jobs openings are, and access the data base from a computer. Currently there are about 150 available jobs; the site is being updated everyday.

When you log in to the site given above, you will see a tab for “busqueda de empleo” in that tab you will find “Sistema Municipal de Busqueda de Empleo” (Town System for Looking for Jobs), you will see a map and at the left you will see a tab where you will find a list of available jobs divided by types of work; underneath you will find the job application to be downloaded and taken to your place of interest. This system will help every one to visualize the job, learn who the contact person is, the requirements for the job and many a times, even the salary. Explained Mora Maciel.

This program is available to all companies willing to publish their job vacancies free of charge. There is a space in the web for companies to post all the information regarding the company and positions available; the Economic Development Office will then, inmediately publish the information via Gogle maps.

What this system does is to save peple the expenses that generates a visit to the Economic Development offices; however, those who do not have access to Internet or those that preffer doing it personally, can approach our offices at any time and there will be people ready to help. Affirmed Alvaro Mora.

“Those looking for jobs can come directly to our offices to enroll in a workshop where you can learn tips on how to present yourself at an interview, how to write a curriculum vitae, how to fill out a job appication and what to do and not to do when looking for a job. To this date the workshops are scheduled every Friday at 12:00 p.m.”


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