Luxury Hospitality, the tourism sector that receives most visitors in Vallarta

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luxury-tourismAccommodates 70% of domestic and foreign visitors who come

The regional director of tourism ruled out that this beach destination lives off from "biscuit tourism"

The so called luxury hospitality - hotels of four and five stars and great tourism - captures about 70 percent of the domestic tourism coming to Puerto Vallarta throughout the year, a situation that rules out that this seaside destination lives off from "biscuit tourism" .

This was established by the regional director of tourism on the north coast of Jalisco, Ludwig Estrada Virgen, who lamented that two presidents of local chambers have referred to the national visitors with limited financial resources as biscuit tourism.

He said that the presidents of the Chamber of Commerce (Kanak), Martin Puebla Ontiveros, and the Restaurant Industry Chamber (Canirac), Evangelina Sánchez Dueñas, were wrong to call biscuit tourism to vacationers who are limited, as they are not the generality.

"Puerto Vallarta is a destination for all budgets, but definitely not biscuit, because 70 percent of tourists staying in luxury hotels and such are not cookie jars," he said.

He estimated that, the opinion of both chamber presidents, ventilated and published in a state newspaper of the city of Guadalajara, only harms the image of Puerto Vallarta, because "rather than giving to the destination, they only do harm with such comments ".

He added: "Puerto Vallarta is for everyone, for economy class tourists and wealthy tourists, there are hotels for all, but most of the tourism is captured by hotels of four and five stars and great tourism, which together concentrated most of the rooms available at the destination ".

He stressed that even the number of rooms available for the so-called luxury tourism has tended to grow by about a thousand rooms in the past two years.

He explained that the hotels Now Amber and Secrets opened 598 new luxury rooms, while Hilton contributed 259 rooms, Garza Blanca did the same with 110 rooms and Grand Miramar opened more than 100 rooms.

And this year two more hotels will open: One and Holiday Inn Express, after the property where the Getaway hotel was located one more hotel will be built with up to 450 rooms.

He said that so businesses and restaurants in the city can have more tourism, it is necessary for companies and their cameras to bet more towards promotion and marketing, "they need to invest to get people, there are many businesses in Puerto Vallarta that do advertising and promotion, thus you have to bet on that too."


Ludwig Estrada Virgen, Regional Director of Tourism of the Ministry of Tourism of Jalisco on the north coast, called on retailers and restaurants to not damage the image of the destination.

[readon1 url="http://vallartaopina.net/2013/07/17/hoteleria-de-lujo-el-sector-que-mas-turismo-recibe-en-vallarta"]Source: Vallarta Opina Translated by Rene Tripp[/readon1]