Mexican Chocolates Manufacturers Interested in Organic Peruvian Cacao

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Mexican delegation will arrive in Lima for product advantages

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, June, 12: The Mexican companies chocolate and confectionery are interested in incorporating in its production organic cocoa from Peru, so trade mission from that country visiting Lima for the benefits of this product, reported the Commercial Office of Peru (OCEX) in Mexico.

"High consumption of chocolates and confectionery in Mexico is a great niche for Peruvian cacao. Peru occupies the number two producer of organic cacao worldwide, and we are taking the opportunity to spread the benefits of Peruvian cocoa in Mexico, "he told Andina news agency the head of OCEX in Mexico, Soledad Campos.

He said the National Association of Manufacturers and Allied Chocolates Mexico (Confimex) he expressed interest in the Peruvian product at a recent meeting.

He argued that companies Confimex were informed in detail about the benefits of organic Peruvian cacao, with international certification and skilled labor for processing.

To verify these benefits of cocoa, a group of Mexican companies come to Lima to participate in the Food Expo fair from 27 to 29 August 2014.

"In Peru we have the cocoa processing companies to regional and global levels. There are good prospects that we have generated among entrepreneurs who are going to attend Food Expo, "he said.

Campos participated in the Business Matchmaking Alliance Pacific, held from 10 to 11 June this year in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

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