Mexico Sets New Rules to Protect The Tequila Industry

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tequilaThe Mexican government today announced new regulations for tequila production and marketing, in order to protect from unfair competition to one of the most important export industries of the country.

The Ministry of Economy published in the Diario Official (official governmental body) Mexican Official Standard 006, which relates to the certification procedures, packaging, business information and assessment in accordance with law.

According to the secretariat, Rule 006 seeks to strengthen the regulatory scheme under which produces and markets the tequila, to prevent harm to consumers is generally reflected in the liquor trade similar but are not prepared with the requirements in the current regulation.

"The change in the regulation will be certain of the authenticity of tequila, which in turn will differentiate accurate as any other alcoholic beverage made from agave, allowing producers and marketers have a better placement of your product in different market niches, "he said.

Among other things, clarified the requirements that must be met to obtain authorization to produce both Tequila as the Certificate of Approval Tequila Bottlers

Regarding trade information to the label of the products, in the event that some tequilas contain flavor, aroma or specific color, they must be declared.

Mustalso declare any other distinguishing in accordance with the laws or regulations applicable at the place of sale, and the digits that identify the manufacturer as "licensed producer" of the drink.

In the section of conformity assessment, clarified the requirements for obtaining Compliance Technical Report, the Certificate of Compliance and Enforcement Opinion Business Information.

Rule 006 will take effect in the next 60 days, with the exception of the section on labeling, which will take effect in the next 180 days.

The decision comes after that sector producers expressed the need to regulate that activity and require a special label to distinguish beverages made from agave made with other products.

The latter are much cheaper and spirits are part of a market that has grown considerably in recent years. Of all alcoholic beverages sold in Mexico, a third are tequila, mezcal and bacanora, agave distillates.

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