Old Town Vallarta (or the Zona Romantica district) Attracts new investments

Vallarta Business News
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Called Romantic Zone of Puerto Vallarta has become a major growth pole of the city, to attract new investment in virtually all lines of business , from the hotelier and restaurateur to provide all types of tourist and commercial services.

It is a successful area located in Colonia Emiliano Zapata where order prevails , development and growth in the participation of businessmen and neighbors has been fundamental.

Liney Cornejo Mendoza , president of Centro Vallarta , highlighted the importance of growing in order, referring to the recent launch of the Polygon called Controlled Development (PDC ) of the City Center , where residents , business and citizens usually grouped to order the growth of the heart of Puerto Vallarta.

As for the Romantic Zone , this area has been " lifted " economically with various actions that have participated neighbors and employers, putting all of their part to make it attractive to tourists and local residents .

Meanwhile, the regional director of tourism on the north coast of Jalisco, Ludwig Estrada Virgen said the order and organization of residents and businesses in Colonia Emiliano Zapata has allowed the area to promote all aspects of economic growth and attract new investments.

He explained that currently under construction a couple of small hotels as well as restaurants, clubs and shops to begin operations in November and December.

He said that the Romantic space area is considered "fashionable" tourist destination and is known for its cobblestone streets and colonial architecture, so that will soon be showing many new jobs as a result of this renovation.

He confirmed that in the coming months visitors will find new hotel properties and extreme improvements in some traditional hotels have expanded their further studies and accommodation units.

He pointed out; to be formally inaugurated which will be the largest hotel in a complex of five star units complete its second phase of construction in January 2015 Romantic Zone , " Almar Resort " ; The first phase included the Mantamar Beach Club.

Sapphire Beach Club will be the new beach club on the beach of Bahia de Los Muertos , starting this month , space offer the best services, comfortable chairs and beach huts, towel service, full breakfast and lunch bar

Estrada Virgen recognized the efforts of neighbors and entrepreneurs Liney Cornejo, Enrique Carothers Barreto, Nena Avelar, Sonia García y Antonio Robles, among many others who contributed to the Romantic Zone of a place of success, as we it was the center of the city 30 years ago.

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