PAN Congressmen in Favor of Lowering Price of Gasoline

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precio gasolina

PUERTO VALLARTA: Ricardo Anaya Cortes, National Action Party (PAN) leader, indicated that for the remainder of the current term, they will insist on their proposal to lower gasoline prices and that they will also promote a 'counter- economic reform'.

He emphasized that his parliamentary partners have clear legislative priorities for the ordinary session, which ends April 30, including overturning the economic reform, which went into effect on January 1, 2014.

Another priority is to lower gasoline prices, as a result of the fall of oil prices. By doing so, he said, ‘we are encouraging the local market, lowering the costs of business enterprises and generating jobs, which are so badly needed by Mexicans.

In addition, Anaya Cortes reminded us that at the current regular session, PAN members have proposed and voted in favor of very important initiatives, which have already been sent to the Senate for ratification.

Among those ratifications, he mentioned the initiative created by the National Anti-Corruption System, and the one proposing the “Desindexacion” of the minimum wage, as well as the reform of the energy transition law, the Public Works Act and the Conevol law, among others

The PAN Coordinator called to mind that the General transparency law, which has already been approved by the Senate, will soon have to be discussed at the Chamber of Congress, the same as the Law on Health concerning obesity.

On the other hand, he explained that the Union’s Congress will have to be aware of the approval of the constitutional reforms in local legislatures, which are still pending. The idea is to achieve its ratification in the majority of States, as the law demands, before this sessions’ period ends.

He reminded everyone that these reforms deal with topics such as State and municipal financials discipline, which have, so far, been approved in 11 local congresses; and the topic of indigenous people’s electoral rights, approved in 16 local congresses.

Both constitutional reforms require the approval of at least half plus one of State congresses.

Ricardo Anaya insists that PAN members are ready ' to discuss and approve the reforms that will really benefit Mexicans, particularly in these difficult times for the economy'.

“We will continue to act with responsibility, leading the country on the right path. Citizens can rely on their National Action party legislators", he concluded.

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