Puerto Vallarta Clarifies That is NOT Special Increases in Taxis

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taxi2The public transport fares of taxis do not change in the period decembrinas or during the winter, so the Confederación de Trabajadores de Mexico (CTM) will not tolerate abuse during this time of year, in case some providers   services intend to turn a profit on the fees on the pretext of getting a special tip or bonus to the user.

In this regard, the leader of the Federation of Jalisco, Rafael Zambrano Yerena clarified that if a user of taxis is an alleged abuse victim, is asked to note the vehicle number, time and date of service and report it to the CTM to apply appropriate sanctions.

"No way we are going to tolerate abuse, no winter rates as there are summer or any other time of year, rates are permanent until they are renewed what has not happened recently."

He said taxi drivers are not affecting the image of the city with abuses against residents and tourists, as rates are couples for all users, "that is another factor to consider, there is no tariff for foreigners and rates for national, not justified in any way illegal charges against American users because they are foreign or national against be. "

He said that Puerto Vallarta has to have a very precise control of the image receiving visitors, but not only for them but for the residents, they should know that there is no justification that is to be applied in excessive charges and taxi fares truck or any other service.

"There are many people here who have contact with tourists and we hope you can comment and spread because responsibility Vallarta's image is all."

In recent days some people commented on social networks and in some media that observed an increase in taxi fares, especially on weekends, particularly on nights when there are pilgrimages in the city center, some drivers came commenting that it was "the December rate," which raised eyebrows over a user when he tried to charge between 5 and 10 percent extra for that concept.

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